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Choose from an array of different frame styles, ranging from classic to contemporary. Looking for something classic? Our traditional frame is versatile and suits all art styles. Add some depth, shadow and presence to your work with a box frame. This deeper frame creates a space between the glass and the art for a contemporary feel.

Popular styles:


+ Traditional frames

+ Tray frames

+ Box frames

+ Floating frames


A popular framing option which can be used for both flat & deep media as well as 3D objects. Fillets, also known as spacers, create a space between the artwork and glazing so the whole effect is that of a deep box. A contemporary design that can be finished with a deep or shallow profile for a unique style.

Popular uses:


+ Collectables

+ Mementos

+ Clothes - rugby & football shirts, children's shoes...

+ Album/vinyl record covers


A stylish and simple design perfect for framing canvases or prints that have been dry mounted. The face of the frame is kept thin to maintain the minimalistic feel of this option. Tray frames have no glass and the artwork is set back slightly from the face of the frame to prevent damage.


A great option for displaying large artwork without the costs of specialist glazing.


Depending on your frame style you can add D-rings and cord, mirror plates or strap hangers.

+ D-rings and cord - easy to hang on existing wall fixings, probably the most popular hanging option.

+ Mirror plates - a classic fixing option that can compliment the style of certain frame types. They are robust and prevent easy removal of art from walls.

+ Strap hangers - a neat fixing option used for larger, heavier frames. They come in a range of sizes to suit your frame.

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