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Cut to Shape

'Cut to shape' is the perfect option for anything that can't be cut with a straight line. Using our Tekcel EXR router we can cut bespoke signage, shapes, props, templates and much more from almost any substrate up to 135mm thick, including wood, acrylic and aluminium.

Bespoke printing jigs 

Bespoke large format graphics, cut to shape

Maximum cut area of up to 2m x 3m

Perfect for POS, window displays, signage and much more


We produce 2 types of jigs as standard - MDF and Nylon and all are bespoke cut to fit any machine and product.

Perfect for:


+ Curved Pens

+ Rad Keys

+ Bespoke Merchandise

Flat Cut lettering

We produce flat cut lettering in a range of sizes, colours, materials and font styles. Suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications for both personal and commercial uses. Using our Tekcel CNC router, we have the technology and expertise to cut lettering and logos to almost any specification and size you may require.

Popular applications:

+ Interior & exterior signage

+ Retail displays

+ Art exhibitions

+ Commercial signage

Cut to shape graphics

The possibilities are endless for bespoke cut graphics. We can cut logos, lettering and more from a huge variety of flat sheet substrates including foamex, aluminium, wood and acrylic. Our Tekcel router makes light work of even the most demanding jobs with computerised cutting and a large range of specialised tools.

Perfect for:


+ Retail displays

+ Exhibitions

+ Signage


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