Since leaving school and ending her time representing Britain in junior horse eventing, Kate has immersed herself in many things, including working as a care assistant, a building labourer and a factory worker, as well as a singer and songwriter in a band. What started as a three week holiday to Northern Cyprus turned into a pivotal moment in Kate's life. She came back to England kindling a small spark about becoming an artist. Returning to the country that had fired her imagination, Kate began to paint, inspired by the magic of the Mediterranean.


By October 2002 she had enough paintings to hold her first exhibition at the Dome Hotel, Kyrenia. On her return to England, Kate exhibited to great success and now has paintings showing in a number of galleries across the country. Early in 2006 Kate returned to Cyprus and is now living by the sea where she continues to paint and exhibit both in England and Northern Cyprus.

Trawler on the Waves
Edition size: 175
Dimensions: 320mm x 320mm
Cyprus Composition
Edition size: 125
Dimensions: 260mm x 305mm
Running Hare
Edition size: 125
Dimensions: 220mm x 230mm
Bed in a Tree
Edition size: 195
Dimensions: 380mm x 380mm
Jumping for Joy
Edition size: 125
Dimensions: 390mm x 192mm
Gorgeous Little Harbour
Edition size: 195
Dimensions: 162mm x 470mm
Escaping Poppies
Edition size: 195
Dimensions: 260mm x 380mm
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